Test it Tuesday is a campaign that was encouraged by the fire and rescue services, it was put in place to encourage us to take the time to test our smoke alarms.

Working smoke alarms save lives, but from time to time we all need a gentle reminder that we need to make sure they are in full working order. Fires can start at any time and for many reasons. Having a working smoke alarm can make the difference between getting out safely or not at all. Regular testing of your alarm will give you the peace of mind that should fire start, you will be given the early warning you need to escape safety

How to test your alarm

First things first – do a visual check of your alarm. Mains-powered smoke alarms should have a solid green light to indicate the power is on, while battery-operated alarms should have no visible lights. If there are any coloured or flashing lights, or the unit is sounding in anyway, there could be several reasons for this:

  • Low battery
  • Low battery back-up
  • Dust build-up

To test your smoke alarm, press the button on the unit for up to 10 seconds until the smoke alarm begins to sound. This tests the sensor, electronics and the sounder. The alarm will stop sounding when the button is released.

Over recent years Fire Safety Legislation has dramatically changed. If you are the owner, landlord or have control of a business you will have legal duties to ensure that your premises meets these fire safety criteria.

Where better to get advice on this than a local company who, not only understand the specific needs of local businesses but also have over 50 years of fire safety experience.

Mark and Matt, who are the brains and expertise behind Blackrock Fire and Security Solutions, are both local lads who have lived in Cornwall their entire lives.

Mark entered the fire safety industry in 1993 and during this time has become a fully qualified fire extinguisher service engineer; a fire alarms expert; a fire risk assessor; and a member of the Institute of Fire Safety Managers. Similarly, Matt started in the industry in the 1990’s and is also a fully qualified extinguisher engineer; a fire alarms engineer; a fire risk assessor; and a fire awareness trainer.

In response to increased demand in the market for home security they are both qualified in the field of intruder alarms and CCTV. So if you want some genuine advice on the best systems to suit your needs, give us a call.

During their spare time, Mark enjoys relaxing with his family and friends, interspersed with some model boat building! Matt enjoys a early morning dip at Swanpool Beach before partaking in his passion
for music, as he takes to the air (not literally!!), by playing some great
sounds whilst working at a local radio station.

In 2022, Aiden joined the blackrock team. Aiden has a background of working in the fire industry and has become a fully qualified fire extinguisher service engineer and a fire and secuirty alarms expert. Adien heads up the installations in both fire, security and CCTV.

In October 2023, Janine joined the blackrock family. Janine has a background in accounts and will look after all your accounts needs. Janine will be the friendly voice your hear when booking your service.

Our ethos is simple and is based on first rate customer service, great value, great advice and ensuring that customers are in safe and knowledgeable hands, 24/7. Irrespective of your requirements, they are well equipped to provide services to small shops, domestic properties or large commercial entities.

This is their history, your safety is their future.